Monday, October 22, 2012

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your breasts and wish to improve their appearance, then breast augmentation is the procedure you should opt for. This is a very popular plastic surgery procedure provided at leading plastic surgery facilities. However, many women are confused whether the procedure is right for them or not. Before discussing who the right candidate is for breast enhancement, let us look at what this procedure involves.

At reputable plastic surgery centers, silicone and saline breast implants are used for increasing the volume and shape of underdeveloped breasts and breasts that have lost volume. The FDA has given approval to both breast implants. They help in re-contouring and adding volume to the breasts.

Both types of implants have their own advantages. Silicone implants are recognized for their natural feel and look, and are very safe. The risk of rippling can be prevented with these implants. Saline implants need only smaller incisions and in case they rupture, the tissues absorb the solution without any complications.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery for More Appealing Breasts

Breast augmentation ensures more attractive, younger looking breasts for women. For patients who qualify for this procedure, an incision is made by the surgeon in one of the following three locations, for placement of implants under the breast tissue:

• Around the areola
• In the armpit
• Under the breast

The plastic surgeon would take into consideration factors such as the shape of the breasts, the overall size of the body and the amount of breast tissue.

Why Many Women Seek Breast Augmentation Surgery

This cosmetic breast surgery is sought by women for various reasons including:
• Asymmetrical breasts
• Small breasts
• Sagging or drooping breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy
• Changes in the shape or size of the breasts after massive weight loss
• Reconstruction after mastectomy
• Cosmetic improvement after reconstruction of breasts

With breast enhancement, the shape and size of the breasts can be improved, any asymmetry can be corrected, the firmness can be improved and a youthful body contour can be restored.

Who Is The Best Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The best candidates for breast augmentation surgery are women who are in good health and who maintain realistic expectations of the outcome. They should thoroughly understand the procedure, including the costs, benefits and risks. Women should opt for this procedure by themselves and not because someone else urged them. Women who exercise regularly and have a normal weight are good candidates for this procedure.

The healing process can be affected by smoking cigarettes. So, if a woman smokes, she should quit it, before the procedure. To find out whether you are a good candidate, consult a reliable plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience and extensive knowledge about the breast augmentation procedure. The breasts and the skin tone, along with the entire anatomy of the body would be examined to determine whether you are a candidate.


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    What all women should know is that only a qualified person can decide if they are good candidates for breast augmentation and that a set of investigations is required in order to establish that. But the percentage of those that can't have the surgery is very small so there's no reason to panic:P

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