Sunday, January 27, 2013

Know More about Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you are contemplating bringing your protruding abdomen down to size and would like to know more about how tummy tuck surgery can help you, read on. First of all about what it does – the procedure gets rid of excess skin and fat and in the majority of situations, and restores separated or weakened muscles to mold a firmer and smoother abdominal profile.

Abdominoplasty – Who It Can and Cannot Help

The procedure is ideally suited for people who enjoy good health irrespective of their age and who have excess abdominal fat and skin. The sagginess or looseness may arise from any of various factors – aging, heredity, pregnancy, previous surgery or considerable variations in weight.

Tummy tuck cannot be considered an alternative to an exercise program or weight loss regimen. In addition, the plastic surgery procedure cannot fix stretch marks though they can be fairly improved or even removed if situated on the regions of excess skin that would be cut out, usually the treated regions below the belly button.

The Different Kinds

There are two different kinds of abdominoplasties. When you visit a plastic surgeon , he will determine the kind of procedure suitable for you on the basis of your individual condition and goals to be achieved. The first kind is the standard procedure and the second is high lateral tension abdominoplasty.

The standard abdominoplasty procedure features a gradual and central lower incision. This procedure is most suitable for patients who have spread-out abdominal tissues that call for excision of bigger quantities of skin. The incision is concealed in the majority of bikini bottoms while permitting extraction of a considerable quantity of skin and fat from the lower abdomen.

With respect to the second type, it modifies the skin excision so as to permit the maximization of mid-abdominal tightening. This method provides for a more dramatic outcome on the waistline. It is most suitable for thin patients who have by and large, excess lower abdominal skin. It permits a more dramatic modification with inward pull of the midsection for a consequential hourglass kind of figure. The incision markings for this type begin low in the pubis and proceed sharply upwards, and are therefore hidden in the majority of high-riding bikinis.


Tummy tuck is not recommended for certain people. Poor candidates for the surgery include those who are morbidly obese (in excess of 45 kilos above their body weight), suffer from abdominal hernia, and are unable to handle post-surgical scars or have unrealistic expectations from the surgery. Women who intend to have subsequent pregnancies are also advised not to go for the procedure. Those who smoke would usually be required to stop the habit three weeks previous to the surgery and for three weeks following the surgery to ensure proper healing.


Recovery time differs from patient to patient. In general, you can expect to be away from work for a week or two. By knowing more about tummy tuck surgery, you can be less anxious before you go for the actual procedure.


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