Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Reasons for Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

The reasons for undergoing breast augmentation surgery, a much sought after procedure in the U.S, are many and varied. In the present era, when more and more importance is being attached to an attractive body and youthful appearance for both men and women, cosmetic procedures such as this help a good deal. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should never go for the procedure because your boyfriend, husband or loved one pressurized you to do so. Only do it if you as a person want it and truly feel it could benefit you.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed using breast implants – either saline or silicone. Your plastic surgeon would customize the procedure to suit your individual requirements and expectations. The implant may be introduced through any of three incision locations – around the areola, through the armpit or underneath the breast.

 Breast Enhancement– Why Women Opt for It

  •   To Look More Feminine
  •   As Part of Reconstruction Following a Mastectomy
  •   To Restore Lost Volume
  •   To Correct Asymmetry
  •   To Fit/Look Better in Clothes
  •   To Look Younger
  •   To Overcome Self-consciousness
  •   To Improve Proportions

With the excellent aesthetic results it offers, breast augmentation surgery is likely to continue being popular for years to come.

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