Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Abdominoplasty - Achieve a More Slender and Toned Abdomen

Earlier, it was mostly rich people who went for cosmetic procedures. However, now the scenario has changed and an increasing number of figure-conscious men and women invest in plastic surgery procedures. The treatments have become much more advanced and safer, and this has increased their popularity. The latest laser devices and other technological advancements ensure a safe and comfortable surgical experience.

Abdominoplasty Surgery – an Effective Body Contouring Option

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck, is a procedure which ensures a firm and smooth abdomen. This procedure can be performed in any reputable plastic surgery center that offers the services of experienced plastic surgeons. The surgeon would remove excess skin and fat from the area of treatment. Sometimes, the plastic surgeon would perform this procedure in combination with liposuction. Customization of the procedure is done in accordance with the preferences and particular requirements of the patients.  Before the completion of the procedure, the abdominal muscles are tightened. Proper positioning of the belly button is done, for obtaining natural results. Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that has gained a lot of popularity among women and men today. The main reasons why most people go for this procedure are:

  • To  get rid of sagging and loose abdominal skin
  • To achieve a better abdominal contour
  • To restore the firmness of muscles that have become slack on account of aging or have stretched during pregnancy
  • To remove the unresponsive fat pockets in the abdominal area
  • For lessening the scarring from a cesarean delivery or for eliminating stretch marks below the belly button

Customizable Procedure

Tummy tuck is a procedure that can be customized. In this, the surgeon may address only the lower portion of the abdomen or the entire abdomen that also includes the navel. When treatment of only a small portion of the abdomen is done, it is referred to as mini tummy tuck. You need to schedule a consultation with a reliable plastic surgeon wherein the various concerns and aesthetic goals can be discussed by the patient and the doctor. This will enable the surgeon to provide an abdominoplasty procedure that will best meet the aesthetic requirements of patients.  Those planning to undergo tummy tuck should ensure that the procedure will be provided at an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center that is equipped with all the latest advanced technology, and ensures the support of caring staff. An effective tummy tuck procedure would provide you with a more slender and toned abdomen. You get to wear clothes of your choice, and also benefit from improved self confidence and self esteem.

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