Monday, December 2, 2013

Reconstructive Surgery helps Santaquin Woman Get her Face Back

Gina Taylor, a Santaquin woman who literally had a hole in her face from skin cancer, recently got her looks back with Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Too much exposure to the sun resulted in a basal cell carcinoma in her upper lip, the removal of which left a deep wound that left Gina looking abnormal. The surgery involved filling up the hole and by designing and restoring the delicate features on her face. When this report appeared, it was four months after the surgery and she looked exactly the same as before. It is expected that the numbness above her lip will disappear as the nerves regrow, allowing her to smile again. 

There is so much reconstructive plastic surgery can do. Children with microtia or an undeveloped ear can have an ear reconstruction procedure. The surgery involves using cartilage from the child’s rib to restore a normal looking ear.  Similarly, cleft palate reconstruction surgery is performed to correct distortions of the lip, nose, and often of the upper jaw that many children are born with. Craniosynostosis surgery is a delicate surgery that can correct face and skull bone deformities in infants. Brachial plexus injury in adults and children can also be set right with reconstructive surgery become injured, functions of movement, feeling and growth of the arm can be affected.

Breast Reconstruction is one of the widely performed plastic surgery procedures to recreate the female breast or breasts after a mastectomy. Absent breast development and developmental abnormalities of the breast are also conditions for breast reconstruction.

If you or your child needs an aesthetic or reconstructive solution, locate a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in reconstructive procedures. The right surgeon would be one with a compassionate attitude as well as the experience and skills to provide a safe and effective personalized solution. 

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